Monday, June 29, 2015

Here comes blog # 3

And so begins blog # 3, this one, as its name suggests, about anything and everything. What freedom!

Blog # 1, AnimalBeat, taught me a lot both about blogging and animals. I loved it -- till I noticed I was getting fewer comments/followers/whatever, and I wasn't changing the world, or even to my knowledge, making it any better for animals. Plus, new technical ground rules were threatened and I wasn't willing to struggle to master them.

So after about 3 years and hundreds of posts, I let AnimalBeat lapse (with no storm of protest from readers). Besides, I had been invited to blog on the Star-Ledger's online pets page and had made a start. (I didn't stick to pets there, but discussed all animals of interest, and happily that went un-challenged.) In writing those longer posts, I learned lots more about blogging, especially the mechanics behind images, embedding links and other blog ingredients.

The S-L blog ended last February, and since then I've been thinking over how to keep track of my ideas, reactions, questions, gripes, poems, causes, concerns. . . and it finally dawned on me: another blog!  For the first time, this one won't deal exclusively with animals, although since animal welfare is my passion, animals are bound to come up here, often.

Here goes!