Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cloudy allegory, 'sunlessness,' pool bliss

Is there an allegory here somewhere?

Above, to my left, a large dark cloud hovers over the pool and its surrounding trees. Seeming intimidated, the sun peeps through occasional openings before being obscured again. From the gray bubble-cloud, a scattering of filmy pale clouds break free and move across the sky toward a huge, bright white cloud, pulling them to itself, draining the dark cloud of any remaining light. Then, still darker but somehow diminished, the threatening cloud moves away, and the day, now afternoon, becomes sunny.  


'Traditional' torture isn't necessary

It wouldn’t take long to break me down. No classic instruments of torture would be needed for a bloodless victory. Just withhold sunshine. Day after gray day without sun, and I’d crack fast. Even in the pool, where I love to be, I perk up when I can tell the sun just came out. I’m swimming laps when suddenly the patterns in the water are sharp, lined in yellow. I feel warmer, more energetic and ‘can-do.’ Without the sun, whether in or out of water, I may dutifully do what’s needed – but it’s not the same.   



On my back, I watch a dark smudge
move across the gray sky --
an early warning system
for the storms to follow --

What do I care, already wet,
contentedly lapping up and down,
a manatee wannabe?

Esther Williams: so yesterday!
Now I want water creature-ness,
to move smoothly through
my own medium.

--July '15


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