Friday, July 3, 2015

PS to intro, pool overview, an aphorism

I neglected to say in the first entry that this will be a no-frills blog: mostly text, long and short, with little concern about including images. It won't be letter-perfect, but sketchy, "drafty" and ruminative. It will be frankly 1st person, in contrast to the 2 earlier, 3rd person blogs that focused outward, on animals. I may be the only reader here, and that's OK.

One recurring subject here will be swimming at the community pool where we go on weekdays -- weather, water temp and other commitments permitting -- to swim laps. Earlier today, it was announced that this is the 7th week of the season, and I was amazed to hear that since this is just our 2nd week. But I think that count included a few weekends-only before schools closed and the pool opened daily. Then frequent rainy days and various other reasons kept us from getting into the water till the week of June 22.

It's a beautiful pool -- especially empty or w/ just lappers in the water! There's also a separate baby pool and a diving pool, besides the wading pool attached to the Olympic sized "main pool." The numerous chaises, chairs, benches, pavilions and tents are set in green lawns w/ lots of tall old trees. No wonder day camps come here, as well as numerous regulars once it opens to the public at noon (after 2 hours for lappers and maybe baby pool stuff too; not sure). The noon "parade" is fun watching, esp. the camp kids, marching in with their giant backpacks, wearing every bright color imaginable. They quickly line up to buy food -- which is surprisingly varied and good here -- then they often walk past us as we dry off in the sun, typically carrying french fries, sometimes navigating the grass and talking w/ friends while dipping their faces into the irresistible fries. No one has tripped yet.  

Aphorism:  a terse saying embodying a general truth or astute observation expressed in a concise and witty way. -- As I age into my own infirmities, I gain sympathy for others'.


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