Monday, July 6, 2015

Near-perfect pool day, pit bulls, maundering

In the swimming pool described last time, today was just about perfect. Why? Mainly because the sun was shining most of the time and besides that, the water temp was 81. The lap lanes weren't crowded or clogged by swimmers slower than I, and in fact for the first time this season, I spent most of my time in the "medium" (speed) lane. It was the kind of day -- the combination of variables -- that made me feel I could go on and on, long past my 9 round trips for a half-mile.

A family member used to say "one day at a time," and today I thought "one lap at a time," without working toward a number goal or worrying about whether I'd make it. So finishing 4 round trips meant nearly half-way -- if I cared about that, and then by 7-1/2 there were just 1-1/2 to go -- but who was counting?! Nine came easily.    


A daily online treat is looking at The Dodo (, an all-animal site with short stories, images and videos about animals around the world. Since it began, a couple years ago now, I'd estimate, it has clearly been against Sea World and creatures like orcas and dolphins in captivity. I agree with that -- and with another campaign I think is underway: always showing pit bulls as lovable, "sweet," long-suffering dogs. They may be all those things; in fact, I hope they are, unlikely as it seems.

But since pitties have been the object of breed-specific legislation that stereotypes and assumes the worst of them, affecting where they might live, I say, go Dodo! Help balance all the false assumptions about pits with frequent stories about what wonderful dogs they are. If this is reverse discrimination, fine: call it affirmative action.


A neat word: "maunder" -- 1. To talk aimlessly. 2. To walk aimlessly.

Some people and some days are meant for maundering.


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