Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Vacation separation & pink eye

Painful family separation

Trauma time: travel without Harry and Billy, our cats (a joke of a way to say it, since we’re their servants!).  Anyway, time for a seashore weekend ~ and the 2 Summers boys will board at their vets’ and have their check ups while there. Not what they’d choose to do!  

Change stresses cats, who prefer to stay home with all their traditions and comforts, and their people (as in us!). To have to live in a metal cage, albeit padded w/ towels and blankets . . . they say no thanks.

Worst part of all: both boys have known for days something is afoot. Our voices and patterns are different, and clothes are laid out here and there. The suitcase’s appearance proves that everything they feared is true. The only question is, when. They know they’ll be caught and loaded into carriers, then driven to WTAH. But when? And so they’re ready to run at our first suspicious move. And run they will, even though the inevitable (catch) will happen.  

Once there, Harry grimly settles in for the duration. He doesn’t attempt to charm or win friends in any way, with the result that he’s thought of as unfriendly (and he may also take a swipe or two. . . ). Billy the lovebug is wholly different: he’s reach-out friendly, making the most of it -- accepting attention and building a reputation as the sweetie he can’t help but be.

Next Monday morning, we’ll pick them up and the rest of the day will be a family reunion. It can’t come soon enough.


Not pretty in pink . . . eye

This month I learned that “pink eye,” which till now I’ve only heard and read about, means bloodshot eyes, gunky and crusty stuff, especially in the morning, and a punched- in-the-eye look. And it doesn’t feel so hot either.

In other words, I have pink eye, in my left eye -- which prevents me from using my contact lens in the only eye where I use one for monovision. It has also prevented me from swimming laps this week, although we’ve been getting ready for our weekend away, so there wasn’t really time.

But speaking of laps, and the pool, I’m assuming that’s where I got pink eye, though I have no idea how. I wear goggles and shower after laps. . . who knows. Lower resistance, I guess.  

And meanwhile, our court’s being repaved, which has prevented easy access to the car, parked in the next court over. It will be good to escape the sound of jack hammers and the sight of orange cones and dug-up debris all over. And the Summers boys will be saved from the incessant noise. In a big way, we couldn’t have timed this getaway better.


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